Thursday, March 06, 2014

My Introduction to the 2014 Archives Leadership Cohort

I'm Geof Huth, Director of Government Records Services at the New York State Archives, where I've worked (in six different positions) for the past 23 years. Random notes about myself:

I'm a native Californian, descendant of multiple '49ers (none athletes). I've lived in five states, nine countries, and four continents, and I don't have a favorite country.

I know too much about beer, so bring homebrew (which I don't make). I am serious half the time.

I climb fast. I live in the world of archives because I'm passionate about it, and I'm passionate about electronic records more than is seemly.

I am a poet, visual and otherwise, mostly working in forms of poetry you will not have heard of. My shortest poem is one punctuation mark long.

My work has been shown in Bergen, Norway. I was a small but active part of the 1980s zine revolution.

Cliff Hight is one of my favorite people, and ALI14 will be my first time seeing him outside of an SAA conference, even though we graduated from the same library school.

Natalie Baur is one of the few people I know who knows the South American card game Telefunken, though the version she plays is considerably different from my Bolivian version.

I've never played a musical instrument, but I can provide you with recordings of my playing. I sing constantly, even at work, as my secretary can tell you, but the only song I know all the words to is "Happy Birthday."

One of the most respected craft breweries in the country is in Decorah, and I know the way there. As Terry Baxter has, I lived a good deal of my childhood in the tropics.
My first professional job was as a labor archivist. I consider myself a records manager, and I see archives as part of records management.

I am known to tell jokes. Language is my medium and element.

I keep my home at 52 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter (511.67 degrees Rankine). I have a general interest in clothing and color.

In 2008, I attended the first instance of ALI in Madison, Wisconsin. I firmly believe you'll all have a great time at ALI, because I know the people who will be working with you, I've read about all of you, and because there is also something that happens at ALI to bring people together and inspire them.
I write too much. I talk too much.

All of this is true. Be well, and see you in 101 days!

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